FARABİ Student exchange scholarships and scholarships are paid to the students who have earned the right to become a Scholarship FARABİ Exchange Program Student, and the students who are studying for a bachelor's degree are paid scholarships amounting to one and a half times the amount of scholarships paid in accordance with the Law no. 5102 on Granting Scholarships and loans.

70% of the scholarship amount is paid to the student in monthly payments. When determining the sum of the remaining scholarship amount, the duration of realization and the success status of the student are taken into account in the Participation Certificate given to the student. When paying the remaining scholarship amount of the student, the ratio of the total number of days in the realization period to the number of days that would normally occur within the Farabi Exchange Program is based on the ratio of the total credit of the courses in which the student is successful to the total credit of the courses he/she is obliged to take. The start and end days of the change are also taken into account in determining the realization time in the Certificate of Participation. Daily scholarship payments are made for periods that are not completed to the full month. The daily payment amount is one thirtyth of the monthly payment amount.


The student is an associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral student enrolled in formal education higher education programs.

The student exchange period covers at least one maximum of two semesters.

The gpa of associate and undergraduate students must be at least 2.0/4 (the equivalent of grades in the 100 system in the 4 system is based on YÖK decisions on this subject).

Students studying in the preparatory and first year of associate and undergraduate programs cannot benefit from the Farabi Exchange Program.

Graduate and Doctoral students cannot benefit from this program for the first semester, when they start their primary education with preparatory and scientific preparation periods.

The gpa of graduate and doctoral students is at least 2.5/4.