What is the Farabi Exchange Program?

The Student and Faculty Exchange Program among Higher Education Institutions, which is called "Farabi Exchange Program" in short, is a student and faculty exchange program among higher education institutions that provide education and training at associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level within the university and high-tech institutes.

Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students or faculty members to continue their education and training activities in a higher education institution other than their own institutions for one or two semesters.

The principles regarding the implementation of the Farabi Exchange Program are determined in detail by the Regulations and Principles and Procedures.

Farabi (871-950)

He was born in Farab, Turkistan in 871. Bukhara toured important scientific centers of the time such as Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Harran and Aleppo. He has written works in philosophy, mathematics, logic, political science and music. In the Islamic world, he has a reputation in the field of philosophy that is comparable to Aristotle called Muallim-i Önce (First Teacher) and is referred to as Muallim-i Sani (Second Teacher). It is known in the Western world as "Alpharabius". He died in Damascus in 950.


To be a leading university whose stakeholders are proud to be a part of with its qualified education and quality services.

Embraced universal values; In the light of ataturk's principles and the requirements of democracy, it is possible to give the knowledge and skills required by modern education by updating them in parallel with the developments experienced, contributing to the upbringing of highly qualified individuals sought on national and international platforms; to be a principled and pioneering exchange institution that follows innovations, does not hesitate to share information, is willing to enter into shares and achieves successes as a result of cooperation.

To bring new value from all over Turkey within the scope of the exchange program to our Faculties and Colleges, which aim to continuously develop, apply innovative methods in active learning and information and train individuals with contemporary citizen responsibility in the global world with the ability to use them throughout their lives.


* To contribute to the development of humanity through effective and high quality education and scientific research activities.

* To have a corporate culture that develops cooperation with national and international institutions in the field of science and technology.

* To help students become individuals who have adopted an intellectual, leader and team understanding.

* To enable students to develop themselves spiritually and socially during their exchanges with their social living spaces and facilities.

* To increase the effectiveness of all employees within the understanding of total quality management, to increase their satisfaction levels and to ensure their identification with the institution.

* To increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders (students, employees, researchers and service areas) by completing its physical infrastructure quickly.

* To be at the top of the preference ranking among the coordinatorships that are changing in Turkey.

* To be at the forefront of the units contributing to the change.

* Continuously improving the quality of exchange programs.

* To provide counseling services that will ensure the acceptance of exchange students at the national level.

* To be an advocate of Ataturk's principles and revolutions with all its employees and students.

* To be open to national and international cooperation.

* To be of universal standard in education.

* Respecting human rights.

* To act in accordance with ethical rules.

Base Values

  • Compliance with the basic principles of the Republic
  • Quality service in all areas
  • Scientific autonomy
  • Impartial and transparency
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Cooperation with stakeholders